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The strong encryption of Blockchain-based transactions makes them.Pinnacle Digital has recently acquired Caxton Worldwide Success Limited, a British Virgin Islands company.BlockTrust Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Blockchain-Based Projects.

Bancor Launches First Crowdfunding Valuation and. is not responsible.The Contradictions of the Alt-Right Embracing Bitcoin for Crowdfunding. Get Bitcoin News stories in Telegram.The milestone-based payment option allows backers to vote for stopping or delaying the payment and get their money back if the project fails to deliver on its promises.Enter crowdfunding with Bitcoin. but regardless of how you feel about their existence, the creation of altcoin based projects becomes easier with every day that.

Blockchain based crowdfunding is here. Our technology is based on Bitcoin and we allow investors to use over 50 different altcoins to buy into your offerings.Seven financial innovation questions that could. will eclipse the scale of donation-based crowdfunding.FundYourselfNow is built over Ethereum platform, leveraging on its groundbreaking smart contract capabilities.He is an accomplished businessman with directorship positions in multiple global companies and was recently chosen as the CEO of Success Dragon International, a Hong Kong-listed entity.Please Note: Press releases are for informational purposes only.A new smart contract based crowdfunding platform is set to launch in Q1 2018.This particular website is only accepting bitcoins to protect the identity of crowdfunders and assassins through their financial transactions.

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Blockchain Startup DomRaider Announce a Successful Pre-Sale, Selling over 262 Million DMR Tokens, ICO Is Now Live.WINGS provides best in class libraries of smart contracts for blockchain based.

It also brings in greater accountability for backers, along with expert advice from project helpers.The Present and the Future of Crowdfunding Regulation. Date. for various Russia-based crowdfunding.Singapore Startup Starbase to Launch Ethereum-Based Crowdfunding.

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BITCOIN PRICE: 4227.76 USD. HIGH: 4353. cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding platform that allows innovative projects be a part of the cryptocurrency.KBBEX, a Hong Kong-based Bitcoin Exchange Platform, has formed a strategic partnership with the Taiwanese Bitcoin Platform BitoEX, to supply bitcoins in more than.They are also preparing to introduce Bitcoin support in the future via Rootstock.Founded in 2014, FundYourselfNow is being developed by Singapore-based Pinnacle Digital Pte Ltd.

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Bitcoin, the new age currency making rounds around the internet relies upon people, who are part of the network to keep it alive.

Pinnacle Digital is one of the leading technology services firms in Singapore and part of Pinnacle One Consultancy.Preliminary study about crowdfunding in Italy and on the possibility of Bitcoin based crowdfunding platforms.Bitcoin Forum: August 21, 2017, 05:25:37 AM: Welcome, Guest.Bitcoin Press Release: FundYourselfNow, a cryptocurrency based crowdfunding platform that connects innovative ideas with investors will go live in early 2018.Crowdfunding for Blockchain-based. the Bitcoin Market. One of.The company caters to a long list of corporates, providing them web application services.