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He has a sister Jessica but I am unsure of her birth date as my aunt and uncle separated before she was born.Posted Aug 1, 2017 Searching for Kimberly (not confirmed) who gave birth to a baby girl on 3rd Jan 1996 in Toronto, Ontario.

Posted June 3, 2016 Looking for family medical history for my daughter from her entire biological family.Please contact Crystal. with Grandfather in the subject line.They moved to Toronto at some point and they had 2 children 1 boy and 1 girl.I am her birth son my birth name was Michael William Herrington.I believe she had him at Stratford hospital but am very vague on info as she has not told us anything about him but rather we found out on our own.

Linda became married to a man named Zoltan George Rigo in Toronto, ON 1968.I am only aware that my birth fathers name is Marlon and his family was from the North York area.I believe his adopted parents were a doctor and a lawyer but I am not sure.

The Duchess of Cornwall has become increasingly stylish since marrying. substance and support, writes Penny Junor.Sadly there mum my ante passed away in the late sixtys her name was Betty, their father Joe brought them up and from after her death he stopped all contact.We as a family would just love to know where she is, and be able to visit and put flowers down.Life threw us many curve balls and we lost touch after she had to return home.My mother was supposedly abandoned in a shopping mall in Toronto with her biobro Terry, who is now deceased.Eliza moved to the city of Greenock, Scotland where she married Angus MCARTHUR in 1912.I am Mary Beth Oulahen, daughter of Paul Oulahen, grand daughter of Mary Elizabeth Passmore of Coburg Ontario Canada.Their parents died tragically (Bill and Ruby (Ness) Brady) Apr 16, 1963 at Hamilton Ontario.

His adoptive father was a teacher and his adoptive mother was a German-Canadian housewife.I have been desperately trying to find out who my birth father is.

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If you have any Info or are relatives of Hattie and james I would be most interested.I was born in Scarborough County General, but adopted in Simcoe County.Nova Scotia Northwest Territories Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island. Cornwall Island, ON.

They had a brother named John that was about 7 or 8 years when they were born.We are not looking to invade any ones lives, but are simply looking for our heritage.

The father was telling my Mother he was going to enroll in police college.Posted Jan 25, 2012 Looking for my birth records, I was born Dec 11, 1955 at the Cornwall General Hospital.In some countries, the government tells you what taxes you owe - in Canada, you tell the government what taxes you owe.Posted Apr 28, 2014 Looking for my brother jason young 1974, adopted name jason McKay.Gave Birth on Dec 2 1965 to Lisa Barbara May at Ajax Pickering General Hospital.I believe that she was born in Morrisburg Ontario between 1953 and 1957.

His mom was Shirley (Marriott at birth, Poole, Fisher and Rousseau were all last names for her), she was born in 1932.Born Trenton married Whitby, Ontario, lived Peterborough, Ontario Canada, Please get in touch with me.

Her son would love to meet her or appreciate any information.Posted Mar 13, 2014 My name is Terry theobald in am looking for two possible half brothers my father.Her name was Aleida or Anna Ruijer (Ruyer) and her maiden name Geelmuiden.They used to live in Toronto Ontario, would be in their fifties today.Posted Mar 13, 2014 Looking for an Arbuckle adoption of a little girl born April 6, 1953.

Also was told they may have lived in Ottawa or around that area.Posted Nov 16, 2012 Trying to find any siblings and Dads surname to be a complete person.Posted Aug 3, 2016 Dear Michael Ironsides from Toronto Canada.Albert and his father-in-law Frederick Drew worked on the trains or work affiliated with the railroad.Please ask your friends to pass it along as all help would be appreciated.

I loved my dad and can still remember the night the light shone in my room from the hall, when he came in to say goodbye.Kemptville is a community located in the Municipality of North Grenville in Southern (Eastern) Ontario, Canada in the northernmost part of the United Counties of.She also had 2 sisters, a dental hygienist, the other in her final year of school.Posted Oct 20, 2015 Looking for my sister Margaret Ann Varrette born on July 21 1959 at Montfort Hospital in Ottawa Ontario.Posted Jan 27, 2016 I have been searching for my best friend, well, to my heart, my sister really, for two decades.Posted Dec 21, 2013 Searching for baby boy born between 1950 - 1954 in Parry Sound, Ontario.Posted Feb 8, 2017 My wife is looking for her son born Mar 26,1980 in Kitchener hospital, now the Grand River hospital.